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Grief and Healing

You're Not Alone

Nolan Fidale Funeral Home is glad to offer aftercare services to the community at large, regardless of when a death occurred or if the family chose Nolan Fidale at the time of need.

You may ask, "What is aftercare?" At Nolan Fidale, we explain it this way: it is simply caring for families after the funeral or memorial service is over. This is why we offer support. Our grief support group meets once per month to provide a safe and encouraging environment to begin or continue your healing process. For more information, please visit us. 


Grief Share

Grief Share is a support group that is led by caring people who have experienced grief and have successfully rebuilt their lives.  They know how you feel and will help you with the healing process.  There is also a daily email that provides encouragement and reminders of the recovery process. You can sign up with the link provided. Click here to learn more

In Aston, the local Grief Share Support Group is at Mount Hope United Methodist Church. If interested in joining, please contact Carmella Allman at 610.459.0248

Compassionate Friends

The Compassionate Friends offer more than 660 meeting locations around the country. In small towns and large cities, bereaved parents, siblings, and grandparents meet together to talk, listen, share, and provide each other emotional support after the devastating death of a child. Click here to learn more

Phone Number: 610.544.6645


The Highmark Caring Place

The death of a loved one is devastating to a child. The impact can be overwhelming and the children and family often need support. The Highmark Caring Place can provide that support through its various programs.  Click here to learn more


Susan Maroto

Susan Maroto is a licensed clinical social worker who encourages clients who are dealing with issues of grief and loss to be patient with themselves, allow the grieving process to run its course, and to feel their feelings of sadness, anger, and despair fully.  Click here to learn more

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