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Nolan-Fidale offers a full spectrum of funeral services to meet your needs.  Below are descriptions of our most frequently requested services.  Please keep in mind that if you require a service or product that you do not see on the list, would be honored to make the appropriate arrangements on your behalf.

In situations where a loved one may have died while out of state, Nolan-Fidale will make the necessary arrangements with a funeral home in that location to assist with transfer to Nolan-Fidale facilities.

A traditional cemetery interment is still the most common choice and a Nolan-Fidale funeral director will oversee every detail on your behalf.  From the transportation and preparation of the body, the planning of the viewing and/or prayer services to the entombment, we handle every aspect with the respect and dignity that families have come to rely on for decades.

Cremation has steadily increased in popularity during the past decade and we regularly provide families with a variety of options to meet their needs and preferences.


We will work on a family’s behalf with State Department and other government officials to arrange transport of the deceased in instances where a loved one has passed while outside of the United States.

Memorial Services

In situations where burial is not an option or a cremation has already been completed, a memorial service may be the most appropriate choice.  Memorial services are frequently held in the funeral home or church.  However, other locations that have significance to the family may also be arranged. 


Pre-arranging your funeral with the funeral home of your choice is an effective way to reduce your family’s emotional burden, make your wishes known and, in the case of pre-payment, ease the financial impact of funeral costs. Nolan-Fidale offers a wide range of pre-planning services and our funeral directors are always available to meet with you and your family to review arrangements and update documentation.  Please visit the preplanning section of our website for detailed information on this service.  Please note that pre-planning is available whether you chose to pre-fund or not.

Military Honors

We work with all branches of service to coordinate military honors and flag presentation at the funeral home or cemetery for all members and former members of the armed services who are still active duty or who have received an honorable discharge from duty.



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